Ultra-Violet Animal Tracker / UV Tactical Flashlight (FREE + Shipping)

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UV Tactical Flashlight
Many animals can see UV light naturally, but humans cannot. Which means we're at yet another disadvantage to the beasts of the earth. Missing out on valuable information about our surroundings is unacceptable. Adding a UV flashlight to your gear is essential. Here's why:
  • UV light makes bodily fluids visible in the dark:
    • Saliva
    • Sweat
    • Urine
    • Semen
    • Blood
    • Great for tracking wounded animals while hunting.
  • UV light makes scorpions glow in the dark. Perfect for scorpion hunting.
  • Flowers look differently under UV light, which reveals patterns that may help bees find sources of nectar since they can also see UV. I want this information as well.
  • Mechanics use UV lights to detect leaks by adding a fluorescent tracer dye.
  • UV light can help detect areas of your home that need cleaning. Pets, or wild humans, can make an invisible wasteland. You should know the truth about what's on the couch, bathroom floor, bedroom, or elsewhere. 
  • UV light reveals invisible markings on paper currency. Check for counterfeit money.